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      活动时间:2022-05-05 18:00:00

      报告题目 (Title):Numerical simulations of blast wave propagations after a high-energy explosion (高能爆炸后冲击波传播的数值模拟)

      报告人 (Speaker): 俞万里 博士(延世大学)

      报告时间 (Time):2022年 5月 5日 (周四) 18:00


      会议ID:450 2982 6325




      报告摘要:To accurately simulate blast wave propagations after a high-energy explosion, we developed a finite volume-based three-dimensional compressible flow solver considering the various initial conditions, the real gas equation of state (RG-EOS), and the radiation heat transfer effects. The radiation hydrodynamic equations were solved by an implicit/explicit (IMEX) algorithm; the Euler equations solver was based on a Roe’s approximate Riemann solver with a monotone upstream-centered scheme for conservation laws (MUSCL) and entropy fix. The alternating-direction implicit (ADI) method was used for solving the three-dimensional radiation equations. 1D point explosion problems and a shock-tube problem with the real gas effects were tested to verify the proposed solver’s accuracy. A 1D initial fireball analysis was also investigated. Three cases considering different initial conditions and solvers were studied in the 3D blast wave simulations over the flat ground. We found that after considering the 1D fireball initial conditions with RG-EOS and radiation effects, our numerical simulation did a better job. Without these considerations, the numerical results would be overestimated.

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